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What happened

Shares of Ubiquiti Networks Inc.(NASDAQ:UBNT) were down 13.4% as of 1:30 p.m. EST Friday after the networking hardware company released mixed fiscal second-quarter 2017 results.

So what

Quarterly revenue climbed 31.9% year over year, to $213.5 million, including 5.5% growth in service provider technology revenue, to $115.6 million, and 87.4% growth in enterprise....more>>>

Scott Black Buys HD Supply Holdings, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Fabrinet, Sells Time Warner, Union Pac

Investment company Scott Black buys HD Supply Holdings, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Fabrinet, Sensata Technologies Holding N.V., Daimler AG, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Wyndham Worldwide, Life Storage, Freeport-McMoRan, Carnival, sells Time Warner, Union Pacific, Check Point Software Technologies, Herman Miller, Teradyne during the 3-months ended 2016-12-31, according to the most recent filings of the investment....more>>>

House Bill Would Make Life Much, Much Harder For Class-Action Lawyers


A new bill in Congress would make class-action lawyers work much harder for their money, by requiring courts to peg legal fees to the actual amount of money their clients receive and throwing obstacles in the way of consumer class actions where a vanishingly small percentage of consumers get anything at all.

The Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act of 2017 was introduced....more>>>

Top 10 Casino Stocks To Own Right Now

After successive waves of indiscriminate selling and buying, the easy money has been made in midstream master limited partnerships (MLP). Going forward, investors must have a firm grasp on underlying fundamentals to achieve differentiated returns.

Midstream operators continue to face operational headwinds, including volumetric declines in some basins, the general lull in demand for incremental....more>>>

Top 5 Canadian Stocks To Watch Right Now

A key reason for buying this Canadian energy stock — our Top Pick for speculative investors — was the management, asserts Benj Gallander, contrarian advisor and editor of Contra the Heard.

This experienced team appeared to have what it takes to lead acquiring Penn West Petroleum (PWE) through a crisis. And the group has taken bold steps to deleverage the company, selling....more>>>

Why Gilead Earnings Were Not Up to Snuff

Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD) reported fourth-quarter earnings after markets closed on Tuesday. The company posted $2.70 in earnings per share (EPS) and $7.3 billion in revenue, compared with the consensus estimates from Thomson Reuters that called for $2.61 in EPS and $7.15 billion in revenue. The same period from last year had $3.32 in EPS and $8.51 billion in revenue.


Top 5 Warren Buffett Stocks To Own For 2017

Remember when Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B) bought shares of American Airlines (AAL), United Continental (UAL), Delta Air Lines (DAL), and Southwest Airlines (LUV). Short sellers sure do–and they’ve been running for cover ever since. S3 Partners’ Ihor Dusaniwsky explains:

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Warren Buffett has not been a fan of the airline sector....more>>>

Symantec: A Simple Explanation For The Decline Of The Consumer Security Segment

Source: cnet.com

The uncertainty for investors in Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC) is the decline of the consumer security segment. At the heart of this segment is the Norton suite of security services, driven by the Norton Antivirus.

As explained in my earlier article, the deficiency and limitation of traditional AVs have been the reason for this decline.

In light....more>>>

Top 5 Small Cap Stocks To Buy For 2017

On the lookout for safe dividends? (Who isn’t, right?)

These days, you generally have three options: large-cap stocks with long dividend histories, municipal bonds and US Treasuries.

Treasuries are considered the safest of that group, and large-cap stocks the riskiest, but they’re still much safer than plenty of other investments, such as small caps and junk bonds.


Shorting Small Cap Spartan Motors as Its Floor Slips Away

On Wednesday, our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggested shorting small cap heavy-duty custom vehicles stockSpartan Motors (NASDAQ: SPAR):

As for Spartan Motors, we’ve zoomed out quite a bit here as well, just so you have the proper perspective. That is, SPAR gave us a great runup during the first half of 2016, but the weight of that rally left shares overextended and ripe....more>>>

Coresite: Data and Dividends

Our latest recommendation takes you into the world of REITs, even as a former real estate salesman took the helm of the United States, notes Nicholas Vardy, editor of Bull Market Alert.

Denver, Colorado-based CoreSite Realty Corporation (COR) offers cloud-enabled, high-performance data center campuses.

Operating across 17 data centers in eight key North....more>>>

Top 10 Undervalued Stocks To Watch For 2017

Value investing may not be dead after all. After a lousy 2015, in which mutual funds that focus on cheap U.S. stocks of all sizes shed an average of 4.7%, bargain hunters have rebounded impressively. Over the past year, the average value fund earned 10.9%.

See Also: 6 Value Stock Picks in a Pricey Market

Few funds have benefited more from the shift in investor sentiment than....more>>>

New Trump Transparency Rule Is a Boost for Oil Stocks in 2017

On Tuesday (Feb. 14), President Trump signed his third bill into law, eliminating a Dodd-Frank regulation requiring resource-extracting companies to disclose payments to foreign governments.

This new “Trump transparency rule” basically means oil companies don’t have to report any of their payments to other governments any longer. And while many oppose the Trump transparency....more>>>

Credit Suisse to cut up to 6,500 jobs after reporting $2.4 billion loss

Credit Suisse said Tuesday that it plans to cut up to 6,500 jobs after suffering a loss of 2.4 billion Swiss francs ($2.4 billion) in 2016.

The Zurich-based lender said the bulk of the loss resulted from of a $2 billion provision it made for a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Justice Department announced in January that Credit Suisse would pay a total of $5.3....more>>>

Top 5 Small Cap Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Last Friday, our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggested going long on small cap clinical-stage biopharmaceutical stock Forward Pharma A/S (NASDAQ: FWP):

Forward Pharma has been on our list of potential buys for a while. At first glance it looks like it’s simply stuck in a sideways trading range, but a lot’s been happening during that time. Namely, we’ve seen several....more>>>

3 Top Insurance Stocks to Buy in 2017″

Insurance stocks can be a good way to get dividends and growth in your portfolio, and there are many insurers trading at particularly attractive valuations right now. Good insurance stocks are stable, low-risk, and can actually prosper as interest rates rise. With that in mind, here are three attractive insurers you can buy right now:



Stock Price (2/7/2017)


Top Safest Stocks To Buy For 2017

This article was originally published by Motif Investing.

Saving for retirement is one of those things that just about everyone needs to think about but few too people plan for. Perhaps not surprisingly, 1 in 3 Americans say they have $0 for their later years. Among those who are actively saving, 23 percent have less than $10,000 socked away.

When it comes to growing your nest egg,....more>>>

7 Dividend Stocks for the Retirement You Deserve

Dividend stocks are a great choice for achieving the retirement you deserve. Yet there is perhaps no concept in the cultural lexicon that has been more perverted in recent years than the concept “deserve.”

Source: Mike via Flickr (Modified)

In America today, many people think they deserve a decent job, good health, safety and security … just by the accident of....more>>>

best stocks to purchase

Shale oil producer Whiting Petroleum (NYSE:WLL) is all set to benefit from an improvement in oil prices going forward as the company has managed to reduce its losses even in a challenging environment due to its cost control. In fact, driven by its focus on reducing costs, Whiting was recently upgraded by Stifel to “Buy” from “Hold” with a price target of $15. This implies....more>>>

technical analysis stocks

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras (NYSE:PBR) remained focused on reducing its cost base when oil prices were going south. But, the good part is that the price of the commodity is now picking up pace, with Brent crude now consistently trading above $55 per barrel after the production curtailment decision by the OPEC and non-OPEC countries.

This is great news for Petrobras investors since the company’s....more>>>

Twitter, Inc.'s Revenue Growth Nearly Grinds to a Halt”

Shares are down about 10% on Thursday after Twitter’s (NYSE:TWTR) as investors digest the company’s slowing revenue and user growth reported in its fourth quarter. But there were a few bright spots in the company’s earnings release as well. Here’s an overview of Twitter’s fourth-quarter performance.

The raw numbers


Q4 2016


3 Reasons Amazon.com Is Taking Over the World”

If you’re wondering what the best stock of the past 20 years is, there’s a far-and-away winner.

Image source: The Motley Fool

According to data from YCharts,Amazon.com(NASDAQ:AMZN) stock has increased more than 42,000% since its IPO 20 years ago, in May 1997.

AMZN data by YCharts

In other words, $1,000 invested at that time would today....more>>>

Is Under Armour a Classic Contrarian?

On Thursday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested branded performance apparel, footwear and accessories Under Armour(NYSE: UA) as a long term trading idea:

On the surface right now, it’s a mess. However, this is a Company we’re convinced still has a tremendous future. Although we’re clearly not big fans of retail right now, and for good reason, sports and active....more>>>

Hot China Stocks To Invest In 2017

Original Post

By Raul de Frutos

Earlier this year, China promised it would cut steel capacity. However, despite friction with several trading partners, Chinese exports continued to look strong in the first half.

China’s Vice Minister of Industry said in July that the country will step up efforts in the second half. The minister pointed out that focus of their work in the....more>>>

Retail Discount : Ascena

Ascena (NASDAQ:ASNA) is a retailer of apparel clothing for women and teen girls with numerous brands. Its operating segments are Premium, Value, Plus and Kids fashion, and some of its brand names are Maurices, Lane Bryant, Ann Taylor and LOFT. Together it owns around 8 brand names.

Ascena is a mid-cap company, part of S&P 400, with current market capitalisation of $988 million and share....more>>>

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now

Investors in PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PYPL) didn’t have much to be disappointed about in 2016. PayPal’s stock price opened the year at just a shade over $35 and closed 2016 with a share price just below $40. For long-term investors who held the entire year, this represented a tidy gain of about 12.5%.

PYPL data by YCharts.

PayPal’s business performance mirrored....more>>>

Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks To Watch Right Now

Stocks couldnt shake off early losses and all three major indexes ended lower on Thursday.

Bloomberg News

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 210.79 points, or 1.17%, to 17830.76. The S&P 500 Index fell 19.34 points, or 0.92%, to 2075.81. The Nasdaq slid 57.85 points, or 1.19%, to 4805.29.

Blue chips were dragged down by Apple(AAPL): Just days after its disappointing....more>>>

Mastercard's Quest for the Holy Grail of Payments”

As the competition in the payments industry heats up with new technologies and competing platforms, companies in this sector must use laser-like focus to develop products that customers want and will use. In the payments industry, this usually means one of two things:

1) Ensuring all transactions are secure and safe; and

2) Removing friction from the payments process so that....more>>>

Top 5 Bank Stocks To Own For 2017

Last night, MetLife (MET) set out its plans to separate a big piece of its life insurance business, to be known as Brighthouse Financial, from the rest of the company. Deutsche Bank’s Yaron Kinar has the details:

Getty Images

Separation is expected to take place in 1H17. As of now, it is expected to be through an 80.1% spin, followed by full divestment within 5 years.....more>>>