Euro surges to 5-month high against dollar after French election

The euro jumped sharply against other global currencies on Sunday as polls closed in the first round of Frances presidential election, with centrist former economy minister Emmanuel Macron in the lead according to initial projections.

A poll released by Ipsos as voting finished put Macron at 23.7%, heading into the second round on May 7 against far-right candidate Marine Le Pens 21.7%.


Mid-Afternoon Market Update: Dow Gains 250 Points; HealthStream Shares Surge On Earnings Beat

Toward the end of trading Tuesday, the Dow traded up 1.21 percent to 21,014.67 while the NASDAQ climbed 0.76 percent to 6,029.54. The S&P also rose, gaining 0.67 percent to 2,390.01.

Leading and Lagging Sectors

Tuesday afternoon, the cyclical consumer goods & services sector proved to be a source of strength for the market. Leading the sector was strength from Beasley....More>>>

Best Performing Stocks For April 2017

Here’s 3 best performing stocks for April 2017.

Zacks Investment Research upgraded shares of Nucor Co. (NYSE:NUE) from a hold rating to a strong-buy rating in a research note published on Tuesday. They currently have $69.00 price objective on the basic materials company’s stock.

According to Zacks, “Annual estimates for Nucor have been going up of late. The company has provided....More>>>

Best Energy Stocks To Buy For May 2017: BP

Today I’d like share you the best energy stocks to buy for May 2017: BP.

The small oil and gas leak in a BP well in Prudhoe Bay area Alaska quickly stopped.

No details about the cause of the spill have been provided yet.

Could 40% cost reductions at Prudhoe Bay be relevant?

Below is a FLIR image from the incident location at Prudhoe Bay on April 14, showing....More>>>

Hot Stocks To Buy For May 2017

Missing out on an emerging sector or industry can be one of the most costly mistakes you’ll ever make in your investing career. Finding and identifying the next breakout sector can be a surefire way to see huge returns on your investments. The difficulty lies in determining which sectors are on the rise. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the marijuana industry; are we about to see a whole....More>>>

The next big Trump stock is a Canadian company

With investors on the lookout for high-quality stocks that could be lifted by President Donald Trump’s policies, Jim Cramer turned to one unusual energy play that could be one of the biggest winners.

By acquiring Spectra Energy, Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge became the largest energy infrastructure company in North America. That positioned it to gain from U.S. projects, being that....More>>>

Best Stocks To Invest In May 2017: MCD, KO, TMUS

Today’s Research Daily features new research reports on 16 major stocks, including 3 best stocks to invest in May 2017: McDonald’s (MCD), Coca-Cola (KO) and T-Mobile (TMUS).

First best stocks to invest in May 2017 is McDonald(MCD). McDonald’s shares have gained +26.4% over the last six months easily outperforming many of its peers which have been struggling to survive the....More>>>

How to Lower Your Effective Tax Rate

Though taxes are an inevitable part of life, most of us would rather pay less of them. If you’re looking to lower your tax bill, it’s important to understand how our tax system works.

The U.S. utilizes a progressive federal tax system, where the tax rate increases as earnings increase. As such, the more money you earn, the more money you pay — but only on your highest dollars....More>>>

Chipotle Justifies Red-Hot Run With Red-Hot Q1

Chipotle Mexican Grill (ticker: CMG) isn’t just on the comeback trail in 2017 – it’s on the warpath.

Chipotle shares had already climbed 25 percent heading into Tuesday’s first-quarter earnings report, marking the stock’s first truly extended bull run since a 2015 E. coli outbreak sent customers fleeing and decimated CMG stock. Its run was so hot that pundits....More>>>