Caterpillar: What A Beast

Caterpillar (CAT) behaves like a gift that keeps on giving. The stock is up 55% YTD and only $2 under the average price target of $145. In this article, I’m going to review why Caterpillar is so strong and why selling, let along shorting, is way too early at this point.

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Phenomenal Financial Performance

Before I start discussing leading indicators....More>>>

what are penny stocks

If you watch or read the news on a regular basis, chances are you’ve seen a headline or two to the effect of “Social Security is going broke.” If you’re a retiree collecting a Social Security check, or if you’re a worker hoping Social Security will still be around when you get older, then the question of “how safe is Social Security?” is an important one.....More>>>

U.S. hits Vietnam with massive duties over Chinese steel

The U.S. is slapping heavy taxes on steel imports from Vietnam, saying China is using the country as a way to dodge earlier penalties.

Certain steel products Vietnam is selling to the U.S. are being produced from Chinese materials, the U.S. Department of Commerce said in a statement late Tuesday.

American steelmakers complained last year that Chinese companies appeared to be avoiding....More>>>

How to Be Wrong Half the Time… And Still Make Money

Let's play a game…   We're going to bet on 100 coin tosses… Heads, we win $100. Tails, you win $100. And at the end of the game we'll settle up. How do you think you'll do?   You might win or lose a little… But with 50% odds on each toss, you'll likely break even.   Of course, this game isn't very exciting. So let's change it up…....More>>>

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A “Now Hiring!” sign stands on display next to the Jiffy Lube International Inc. booth during a Job News USA career fair in Overland Park, Kansas, on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. Applications for U.S. jobless benefits rebounded last week from a 44-year low, returning to a range that still shows strength in the labor market. Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

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Senators introduce data breach disclosure bill

Executives could face jail time for not reporting data breaches in a timely manner, if a proposed bill becomes law.

Three Democrat senators introduced on Thursday the Data Security and Breach Notification Act, which would require companies to report data breaches within 30 days. If an individual knowingly conceals a data breach, they could face up to five years in prison.


Best Bank Stocks To Invest In Right Now

 Today, I (Porter) am going to introduce a new financial term…   I've been thinking about this a while… it's a term that describes the modern economy's fondness for central banks, paper money, huge debts, and financial bubbles. I call it the "Escher Economy."   I hope you'll read carefully. Remember… there's no such thing as teaching,....More>>>

Top Casino Stocks For 2018

Patriot One is a Canadian-based technology company that has developed an advanced concealed weapons detection system that delivers real-time warnings to keep potential attackers at bay and to keep the general public safe and secure. “Using radar and machine-learning algorithms that interpret the signal that comes back, every metallic object they’re carrying will resonate with a very....More>>>

3 Life Sales Innovation Mysteries That Drive Actuaries Wild

When the IRS Wants Your Life Insurance Policy

5 New Facts on DOLs Fiduciary Rule Delay

LIMRA Reports Drop in Q3 Annuity Sales

Actuaries at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners are trying to figure out what words to use to talk about the new life insurance sales, underwriting and policy issue strategies, so they can analyze how the new strategies affect....More>>>

SHU Portfolio: Why We’re Buying Apple

We started a SHU portfolio at the end of September, which concentrates on shares which are temporarily out of favor and companies for which we see secular up-trends or opportunities.

These are not hard criteria, but simply based on our judgement, and that judgement isn’t necessarily always right. For instance, Finisar (NASDAQ:FNSR) we bought because it was a lot cheaper than its main....More>>>