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Top Casino Stocks To Buy For 2019

As gaming regulators around the country and the world delve into the misconduct allegations against Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) founder and former CEO Steve Wynn, the casino operator has said it is definitely considering renaming the Wynn Boston Harbor resort — its building in Everett, Massachusetts — to ensure it can retain its license to operate the casino. The time may have come when....More>>>

Hot Blue Chip Stocks To Buy For 2019

On Wednesday, stocks recovered following the worst day overall since October. The gains were led by the technology sector, which in many cases reversed following their worst day of the year on Tuesday.

However, despite the tech rebound, the blue chips lagged pulling the Dow Jones Industrial Average down less than 0.1%. Nike Inc (NYSE:NKE), a Dow component, fell 7.1%, pulled lower by a lackluster....More>>>

Top 5 Bank Stocks To Invest In 2018

Western Alliance (NYSE:WAL) is enjoying robust organic growth and executing a targeted acquisition strategy.

One arresting aspect of its growth since 2010 is that the company has grown revenues much faster than costs and now boasts great efficiency with a ~45% cost/income ratio. If Donald Trump’s election portends a newly torqued growth dynamic for U.S. domestic banks, WAL is the kind....More>>>

Top 5 Financial Stocks To Watch For 2018

As earnings season kicked into gear, Netflix stole the show this week, posting surging revenue and smashing its own guidance for subscriber growth. The optimistic report from management on Netflix’s business sent shares 10% higher. 

Next week will feature a range of earnings reports. But the most interesting will be the following stocks. Ahead of their earnings....More>>>

Top 5 Dividend Stocks To Own Right Now

Using conventional economic thinking, an investor should move some of their money from stocks to bonds as interest rates rise because they are less risky, and the rate of return is better. So as U.S. Treasury rates hit 3%, I’m sure there are some conventional thinkers out there that will start to sell their stocks and move into bonds. 

Just because it’s conventional thinking....More>>>

Top 10 Stocks To Invest In Right Now

If anybody ever wants to interview me about these five-stock samplers [you might be a journalist wondering whether people could pick stocks that do beat the market that consistently], I’ll be the first to say, by the way, 100% is not a hit rate I will ever be able to maintain, but thinking back, now, over three years, that is a pretty remarkable record of consistency. But whether or not we’re....More>>>

Top 5 Small Cap Stocks To Own For 2018

The first-quarter earnings season has just kicked off. Per the latest Earnings Preview, the bottom line of S&P 500 companies is expected to increase at a highly impressive rate of 16.6% on a year-over-year basis. This prospective upside marks the maximum quarterly earnings growth pace in seven years.

The report further predicts that 11 of the 16 Zacks sectors are projected to exhibit....More>>>

Top 10 Financial Stocks To Buy For 2019

Sometimes, earnings grow faster than stock prices. And other times, growth stocks go on sale even though revenue is still climbing. In both cases, P/E ratios can fall to levels that make growth stocks look more like value stocks. When that happens, buying shares can lead to market-beating returns, so we asked these three Motley Fool investors if there are any growth stocks on their radar that....More>>>

Top Insurance Stocks To Watch Right Now

After a spell of high volatility driven by uncertainty over global trade policy and the threat of rise in prices of essential commodities, Wall Street is looking for some respite in the upcoming earnings season. Q1 is expected to be one of the strongest in years, both in terms of earnings and revenues. Such solid quarterly profits could provide support to the markets.

Earnings expectations....More>>>

Hot Cheap Stocks To Watch Right Now

Last year, cryptocurrencies burst onto the scene like no other asset class ever has. Over the span of 12 months, the aggregate value of digital currencies soared almost $600 billion, which in percentage terms worked out to more than 3,300%. This was probably the best single-year return for any asset class in history, and we may never see anything like it again.

However, not everyone who’s....More>>>