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Traders Sell American Express (AXP) on Strength (AXP)

Investors sold shares of American Express (NYSE:AXP) on strength during trading hours on Thursday. $32.46 million flowed into the stock on the tick-up and $96.16 million flowed out of the stock on the tick-down, for a money net flow of $63.70 million out of the stock. Of all companies tracked, American Express had the 5th highest net out-flow for the day. American Express traded up $0.63 for the....More>>>

Top Value Stocks To Watch Right Now

When the financial crisis hit ten years ago, Millennials weren’t affected as much as Baby Boomers or Gen Xers were.

They didn’t lose the bulk of their real estate or stock market value. Most were only teenagers at the time, some as young as eight.

Now young adults, many are earning a good living, and some even have a good chunk of money set aside and are moving up.....More>>>

How I Use Buffett's Advice To Earn Huge Yields And Capital Gains

“Diversification is a protection against ignorance. It makes very little sense for those who know what they’re doing.”

This quote comes from Warren Buffett, who is famous for investing in a small number of stocks and holding them forever. As a strong advocate for tightly concentrated portfolios, Buffett believes that holding too many stocks can water down your returns. How....More>>>

27 Quotes From Investing Greats to Make You a Better Dividend Investor

Individual investors benefit when investing greats share their wisdom.

Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt, Seth Klarman, Peter Lynch, and Phil Fisher are all investing greats who have written books and/or shared their wisdom in annual reports.

It’s hard to overstate how much investors have to gain by studying these investors.

The returns generated by the....More>>>

Best Blue Chip Stocks To Buy For 2017

Newbie investors shouldn’t shy away from blue chip stock ownership. There are a variety of advantages to holding blue chip stocks in your portfolio. These include the ability to tailor your portfolio to your values and beliefs – and avoid so-called “sin stocks.” Other advantages include more control over costs, tax and estate planning.

Finally, an individual investor....More>>>

Top Stocks For 2018

MannKind: My Top Stocks for 2018 is one that has been my favorite high-risk speculation for several years; I will need to eat some crow – from behind the egg on my face – if it doesn’t finally gain some traction this year, asserts Nate Pile, editor of Nate’s Notes, www.NotWallStreet.com.

MannKind Corp. (MNKD) has developed a drug, Afrezza, which is a new form of inhalable insulin....More>>>

Will American Express Raise Its Dividend in 2017?”

American Express (NYSE:AXP) helped pioneer the charge card industry, and even now, the company’s brand carries an aura of affluence that rivals have struggled hard to try to duplicate. Yet American Express has fallen back from all-time highs over the past couple of years, and the loss of its branded-card partnership with retail giant Costco Wholesale (NASDAQ:COST) was a high-profile....More>>>

penny stocks to watch

Housing starts plunged in November as apartment construction more than reversed a big jump the previous month and single-family starts fell moderately.

Construction of houses and apartments declined 18.7% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.09 million, the Commerce Department said Friday. That fell well short of economists estimates of a 1.23 million rate. Octobers total, which marked....More>>>

Top 5 Clean Energy Stocks To Buy For 2017

When asked what I thought about the stock market the other day, I said that I didnt think much of it at all.

Thats not my usual response, but earnings are weak, valuations are higher and central bank policy is the only thing propping the markets up.

See Also from Kiplinger: 8 Risky Stocks That Are Worth the Risk

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has been going up relatively uninterrupted....More>>>

Hot Safest Stocks To Own Right Now

Citigroup’s Robert Morris and David Zutter explain why they upgraded Encana (ECA) to Buy from Neutral:

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Deep Resource Base To Drive Strong Liquids Growth
We project EnCanas total organic production will increase at a ~12% CAGR for 2016 through 2021 with organic oil/liquid volumes increasing at a ~20% CAGR. This growth will be largely driven by the Permian....More>>>