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Hot Dividend Stocks To Invest In 2019

One sector that was absolutely demolished in the most recent quarter was the financials, and with second-quarter earnings right around the corner, there could be some very positive tailwinds for the sector as we start the third quarter. With the market seemingly in a very precarious position, despite the fact that the economy looks to be in the best shape in years, banks may be an outstanding buy.


Top 10 High Tech Stocks To Own Right Now

Innovation can still produce results even in a sluggish U.S. spine market, as seen with the ongoing growth at companies like K2M (KTWO) and Globus (GMED). In the case of K2M, the story is still about the company’s disruptive product development in degenerative and complex spine, supported by a strong platform in 3D-printed implants. With that, the shares have done okay since my last update....More>>>

Best Heal Care Stocks To Invest In Right Now

How well can you size-up a credit card promotion?

It’s hard to keep a cool head in the heat of the retail moment. You’re about to make a big purchase and the clerk is waving a store credit card offer before you.

“No interest if paid in full within 12 months!” they’ll say. Or, “0% intro APR on purchases for 12 months.”

They sound....More>>>

Top 10 Casino Stocks To Own For 2018

&l;p&g;When&a;nbsp;&l;a href=&q;https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-12/porn-actress-offers-to-pay-back-trump-settlement-to-end-silence&q; target=&q;_blank&q;&g;Stormy Daniels offered to pay back her Trump settlement&l;/a&g;,&a;nbsp;she was proposing that by paying back the money, she should be allowed to talk. In many ways, that sounds reasonable, since the money was for silence, even....More>>>

Top 10 Performing Stocks To Watch Right Now

Readers who pay close attention to our annual rankings of the top-performing mutual funds may be forgiven if they exper颅ience a sense of d茅j vu with our March 2016 issue. Yes, we did publish mutual-fund rankings in our September 2015 issue. But weve decided to move our annual winners list from September to the March issue so we can base it on returns as of December 31. (On Kiplinger.com, we....More>>>

Hot Bank Stocks To Watch For 2019

Saving for retirement isn’t easy, but neither is living on Social Security. My family isn’t banking on the future of entitlements, which is why we funnel 25% of our income into long-term savings. Check out the methods we use to hit our goals while preserving our quality of life.

Know how much you’ll need

We didn’t arrive at a 25% savings target by accident.....More>>>

Top 5 Value Stocks To Invest In Right Now

Investment company IVA International Fund buys Bureau Veritas SA, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Airbus Group SE, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group PLC, Grupo Comercial Chedraui SAB de CV, Kangwon Land, MITIE Group PLC, Corporativo Fragua SAB de CV, Miraca Holdings, Hyundai Motor Co, sells Samsung Electronics Co, News, HSBC Holdings PLC, Benesse Holdings, Thales during the 3-months ended 2016-12-31, according....More>>>