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Top 10 Blue Chip Stocks To Invest In Right Now

At first, the gifts seemed innocent enough: a free dinner and a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon. By the end of it, though, the Polish official was standing in a Warsaw parking lot, accepting $100,000 in bags of cash, given to him in exchange for multi-million-dollar government contracts.

You might be thinking that this government employee was being paid off by the mafia or some....More>>>

Hot Performing Stocks To Invest In 2019

March 20, 2017: Markets opened slightly lower Monday and traded close to the break-even line all day. Leading indicators and consumer sentiment readings were both strong. Only the materials sector traded high late in the afternoon while energy and utilities were the laggards. The blue chips were performing best. WTI crude oil for April delivery settled at $48.22 a barrel, down 1.2% on the day. April....More>>>

Best Value Stocks To Own Right Now

Ansys (NASDAQ:ANSS) Director James E. Cashman III sold 862 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction on Tuesday, April 10th. The stock was sold at an average price of $158.00, for a total value of $136,196.00. The sale was disclosed in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is accessible through this hyperlink.

ANSS stock traded up $2.03 during midday trading....More>>>

Hot Warren Buffett Stocks To Own Right Now

Warren Buffett recently told CNBC he didn’t have a good reason for not investing in Amazon stock. Here are a few good reasons why you should.

Shares of Amazon.com Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN)have racked up decent gains this year,and are up by over 13% in under three months. That’s more than what the stock eventually returned in 2016 after big intermittent swings on both sides.....More>>>

quot stock

The stock market continued to climb sharply on Wednesday, sending major market benchmarks to record highs yet again and propelling the Dow Jones Industrials up more than 100 points. Economic data continued to support the notion that the U.S. economy remains strong, and rising inflation levels led many to conclude that the Federal Reserve is more likely than ever to follow through on its promise....More>>>


Martin and Marie Tinkel, Michael Lawrence’s parents. (Circa 1950) His mother, Marie, was a lifelong misophonia sufferer. She lived to be 93.

Scientists all over the world are scrambling to find out what causes it, how to treat it and really just to identify it. But that doesn’t mean it’s something new. Many seniors have suffered in silence for decades.

Ask Michael....More>>>

Top 10 Heal Care Stocks To Buy Right Now

Keith Fitz-Gerald

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon is known for being very direct, and what he had to say from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, didn’t disappoint. His message on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street Wednesday came down to five simple words that should be music to the ears of every investor on the planet…

…you ain’t....More>>>

Best Safest Stocks To Own Right Now

Investors in PayPal Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:PYPL) didn’t have much to be disappointed about in 2016. PayPal’s stock price opened the year at just a shade over $35 and closed 2016 with a share price just below $40. For long-term investors who held the entire year, this represented a tidy gain of about 12.5%.

PYPL data by YCharts.

PayPal’s business performance mirrored....More>>>