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Hot Small Cap Stocks To Buy Right Now

On Tuesday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested going long on small cap cloud software and services stock Synchronoss Technologies (NASDAQ: SNCR):

βa fairly popular small cap that has a history of trading all over the map. We’ve laid off it, and usually have suggested members give this one a little more time. However, based on what we’re seeing now from both a valuation....More>>>

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks To Watch Right Now

On Thursday, our Under the Radar Moversnewslettersuggested suggested small cap employment services stockOn Assignment, Inc (NYSE: ASGN) as a short trade thats already turned profitable for us:

As for On Assignment, you really have to take a big step back and look at it from a distance, but the uptrend from earlier in the year has indeed, turned into a downtrend…. lower highs and lower....More>>>

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks To Own For 2018

Small cap extreme-value retailer (for pre-teens, teens and beyond) Five Below Inc (NASDAQ: FIVE) reportedfiscal Q1 earnings after the market closed Thursday that beat expectations while guidance was also raised. Net sales increased by 20.8% to $232.9 million as comparable sales increased by 2.6%. The Company opened 31 new stores and ended the quarter with 553 stores in 32 states representing an....More>>>

Hot Blue Chip Stocks To Watch For 2018

One of the most difficult aspects of trading is timing the market. Odds are if you have been in the market over the past nine years, most likely you made some money. This bull market began in March of 2009, and 24/7 Wall St. is looking back to see how some major blue chip stocks compared to the broad markets over this time.

Back on March 6, 2009, the S&P 500 bottomed out at 666.79, and....More>>>

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks To Watch Right Now

On Friday, our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggested shorting small caps by adding the Direxion Daily Small Cap Bear 3X Shares (NYSEARCA: TZA) ETF:

However, it’s going to be very important we keep an extremely tight leash on this trade in the event the markets somehow manage to buck the recent weakness, and make new all-time highs yet again.

I’ve included a daily chart....More>>>

Best Small Cap Stocks To Buy Right Now

Small cap independent retail energy services Spark Energy (NASDAQ: SPKE) has elevated short interest of 33.95% according to Highshortinterest.com. Spark Energy is an established and growing independent retail energy services company founded in 1999 that provides residential and commercial customers in competitive markets across the United States with an alternative choice for their natural gas and....More>>>

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks To Buy Right Now

On Wednesday, our Under the Radar Moversnewsletter suggestedsmall cap hydrogen and alternative energy stock MagneGas Corporation (NASDAQ: MNGA) as a short/bearish trade:

The chart of MagneGas speaks for itself. MNGA shares have rushed back below all of its key moving average lines, and are following through on the pullback move that began to unfurl in October. Key horizontal lines are starting....More>>>

Top 10 Small Cap Stocks For 2018

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs have many advantages over traditional incandescent light sources albeit LED stocks have not necessarily been big winners for investors or traders alike.Nevertheless, some LED stocks could be positioned to start lighting upportfolios.

Starting with small cap Orion Energy Systems, Inc (NASDAQ: OESX), its a leading designer and producer of energy efficient lighting....More>>>

Top 5 Small Cap Stocks To Buy Right Now

The Q3 earnings report for small cap social media stock MeetMe Inc (NASDAQ: MEET), a previous Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter portfolio pick, is scheduled for before the market opens on Monday (November 7th). In January,our Elite Opportunity Pronewsletter suggestedthe small capas an attractive long-term investing idea thathad also doneextremely wellfor usseveral months before:

Although this....More>>>

Top 5 Small Cap Stocks To Watch Right Now

The Q4 2016 earnings report forsmall cap Yelp Inc (NYSE: YELP) is scheduled forafter the market closes onThursday (February 9). Yelp Inc was last inour SmallCap Network Elite Opportunity (SCN EO) portfolioin August 2015with our SCN EO newsletterhaving this to say:

There’s no question YELP has recently fallen out of Wall Street favor, but if you consider they’re the still the biggest....More>>>